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The name of my business is 3D Editing because my initials are DDD. However, I like to think I approach editing with a three dimensional perspective. Editing isn’t an exact science. Writing is often seen as the creative part of the process, and editing the analytical part. I edit based on experience with and knowledge of both writing and editing.

My goal as an editor is to help make thoughts and ideas, via the written word, as clear and concise as possible. As a writer, the tools at your disposal are words, sentences, and paragraphs. Correct grammar is important for clear communication. Grammar, however, isn’t the only way to ensure clarity. 

When the writer puts her work out into the world, she doesn’t get the chance to explain what she meant. Her job is to get the right words on the page. When words are put down in black and white, it’s important that the intended significance is plain and coherent. Through revision, literally re-seeing your work, an editor can help you determine if you’ve said what you meant and meant what you said.

The approach I’ve grown into as an editor comes from my experience as a writer. I do my best to determine the intent of the author for the entire piece so as to help the work shine as bright as possible on its own terms.


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Dave Dunkak has critiqued and offered editorial suggestions on non-fiction writing projects of mine in the recent past. These are longer personal essays, where questions of voice, tense and accuracy are very important.

I found Dave’s critiques and edits to be, by far, the most useful I received on these projects. He has an excellent ear, knows which questions to ask and seems to be able, easily, to see where there are gaps and inconsistencies. Besides being perceptive and interesting, his editorial suggestions were very constructive, that is, they helped me move on to later revisions that were much improved.

As a freelance copy editor and writer myself, I know a good editor when I see one. I recommend Dave as a reader and editor, without reservation.
— Jane S.
Dave Dunkak was my student for two courses in the University of California, San Diego Copyediting Certificate program. The certificate program’s goal is to prepare students for copyediting jobs once they have finished, and I can vouch that Dave Dunkak met our goal.

He not only has the ability to spot grammatical errors, but also language that is wordy, awkward, or weak. He spotted these flaws in assignments and suggested rewrites that were much stronger. In addition, he participated fully in the online classes and its discussion boards, which are at the heart of the courses. Dave was a regular presence on the boards, sharing information, responding to other posts, and encouraging fellow students.

I would recommend him for any project or job. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at LVediting@gmail.com
— Lourdes Venard -- UCSD Instructor and Lead Course Developer
Dave has played a crucial role in helping me develop the foundation for my writing throughout college, graduate school, and my professional career. Writing is about connecting with your audience in a meaningful way. As a psychologist, and most recently a product manager working with global communities, Dave’s assistance has enabled me to effectively convey messages to my audience. In a world that is highly dependent on written communication, his guidance has paid unquantifiable dividends in my personal success. His attention to detail, coupled with an ability to help people capture the heart of their message in written form is both inspiring, and unique.

Beyond his abilities to facilitate a meaningful writing experience for individuals with various copyediting needs, his character is also worth mentioning. Specifically, Dave has a natural curiosity and openness to the diversity of life experience. This translates to an ability to deeply connect with his peers, and the individuals he works with. His innate nature helps him join writers in their personal writing journey. As a result he enables a process that helps illuminate the core message for the people that he works with.

I enthusiastically recommend Dave as a reliable and effective source for copy editing needs and all matters related. Feel free to reach out to me for more information in regard to my experience working with Dave.
— Ryan Bethem -- Head of Global Community/Product Manager at EOS42/Chintai



My only goal is to make your work shine. There’re many ways to do this. Together, we will find the path that’s best for you.