3D Editing

Let’s Get inside your writing!

Editing with Dave

Diving In Together

The name of my business is 3D Editing because my initials are DDD. However, I like to think I approach editing with a three dimensional perspective. Editing isn’t an exact science. Writing is often seen as the creative part of the process and editing the analytical part. I edit based on experience with and knowledge of both writing and editing. My goal as an editor is to help make your thoughts and ideas, via the written word, as clear and concise as possible.

When the writer puts her work out into the world, she doesn’t get the chance to explain what she meant. Her job is to get the right words on the page. When words are put down in black and white, it’s important that the intended significance is plain and coherent. Through revision, literally re-seeing your work, an editor can help you determine if you’ve said what you meant and meant what you said.

I do my best to determine the intent of the author for the entire piece so as to help the work shine as bright as possible on its own terms. Together, we will find the path that’s best for you and your work.